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The Fanciest Two-in-One Eye-and-Lip-Balm Compact

What if you want to keep lip balm and eye cream on you at all times (because you never know when age is going to hit ya) but cannot fit two more items into your already-overpacked makeup bag? Here is the solution: La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection à Porter. There’s an ultra-hydrating lip-plumping balm in one half of the sleek, silver clamshell, and on the other side, there’s an eye gel that sits nicely whether applied under or over makeup. (Light diffusers inside will also help diminish the appearance of wrinkles.) Both sides of the compact include a mirror, and the whole thing isn’t any larger than your average powder compact. It’s an expensive little gadget, at $150, but know that both formulas are loaded with La Prairie’s signature Cellular Complex (glycoproteins, horsetail and ginseng extracts for skin renewal). You can also keep the compact by your bed and treat your face before dozing off to sleep.

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