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Gaga’s Minimalist Phase Gives Way to Sea-Creature Theme

Photo: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

You know how Lady Gaga got a “stripped-down” makeover and was going out with natural-looking hair and plain black outfits? Well, if you didn’t, you’ve missed it already. She’s officially phasing back to Full Weird. The VMAs were an obvious starting point — you could even watch the evolution taking place onstage. She began her performance in a stark white robe, her face surrounded by a blank square canvas, and then morphed into a willowy blonde with a seashell bikini, just like in her “Applause” video. In keeping with this transition, her latest “look” involves underwater elements. Today, she left her hotel in London in a Captain Hook hat and with starfish in her hair. Crazy Gaga is back!

There she is! Photo: Neil Mockford/Getty Images

To deconstruct: From the neck down, Gaga doesn’t look weird at all. She’s wearing a gray wool skirt suit, cut to show her lacy powder-blue bra, and Casadei heels (not even a platform!). But then, above her shoulders, good gracious: It’s like she put the contents of a tide pool in her wig, plus pipe cleaners.

Common themes in the latest batch of outfits, which include the bird’s-nest wig and trash-bag pants she wore last night, involve the following: colorful lace bras (as opposed to black ones, which are so three weeks ago), starfish, and mollusks.

Lady Gaga last night. Photo: Mark Robert Milan/FilmMagic

But anyway, were you really expecting her to keep up that makeunder for long? It was, like all her looks, just a carefully constructed phase — a costume in and of itself. 

Gaga’s Minimal Phase Gives Way to Sea Creatures