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Harper’s Bazaar Shoot Illustrates What to Wear With … Clouds

Photo: Simon Procter/Harper’s Bazaar

For the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, executive editor Laura Brown just got weird in this amazingly high-brow shoot about … clouds. For “The In Cloud,” Brown commissioned Dutch “cloud artist” Berndnaut Smilde to create his hovering indoor clouds, gathered a group of iconic designers in opulent settings, and asked them how they felt about clouds and fashion and dreams. Karl Lagerfeld, who was photographed by Simon Procter, was really inspired, calling the formations “the most beautiful installations of ever-changing abstract modern art in movement.” But the really important question, what do you wear with a cloud? “I would not wear black-and-white,” Lagerfeld said. “Silver would be great too, or an elegant pink. But no gold — too shiny. Leave it to the sun.”

Photo: Simon Procter/Harper’s Bazaar

“What to wear with a cloud? Versace, obviously. Just look at the picture of me.” — Donatella Versace

Photo: Simon Procter/Harper’s Bazaar

“Every cloud has a silver lining? I don’t know that saying. Dolce & Gabbana’s cloud? I think it has a lace lining.” — Stefano Gabbana

Though Harper Bazaar’s neglected to ask which accessories are better for a cumulus or cirrus, these answers are pretty fantastic.

Harper’s Bazaar Shoot: What to Wear With Clouds