Here’s the Bow Tie That Started Bieber’s Brawl

Photo: Courtesy of Wayne Rennells

Wayne Rennalls is still wearing “the little white H&M bow tie” that ignited a violent altercation with Justin Bieber’s entourage this weekend, prompting a police investigation. “I wore it this morning. But then I went inside and changed clothes,” the 22-year-old Southampton summer resident told the Cut by phone today. Where did he wear it? “Outside.” Where to? “Around.”

Southampton police are investigating the South Pointe fight, which Rennalls confirms began when he lent his bow tie to a waitress who had been admiring it, then approached her while she was with Bieber to retrieve it. “I just asked,” he recalls. “Like, ‘I want my fucking bow tie back.’”

Bow-tie brawler, sans bow tie. Photo: Courtesy of Wanye Rennalls

“You should dress professional. Not the way he came into the club. He had a damn hat turned to the back and glasses or something. He’s a kid! He wasn’t even allowed in the club. It’s not a teenage party.”

Rennalls can no longer recall whether the bow tie that launched a thousand fists is from H&M or George, Walmart’s signature clothing line, but agreed to send a picture. “It’s the kind that goes around your neck, and you hook it. Why sit here and try to tie one all around myself?”

When Rennalls isn’t summering in the Hamptons, he says he lives “across the world” and is an actor, model, and father to a 7-month-old daughter named Ailah.

Here’s the Bow Tie That Started Bieber’s Brawl