How to Spend $500K on One Day of Fashion Week Outfits


Fashion Month snuck up on us as always. There we were, in our blissful Hamptons oblivionjet-setting to European weddings, and lo and behold, we’d been neglecting our actual jobs: inspiring imitators in the Street-Style Olympics. So, as punishment, we had to spend all of Labor Day weekend shopping. Luckily all the pre-fall and fall merchandise had arrived at Barneys, Jeffrey, Opening Ceremony, and Fivestory, enabling us to put together at least one day of decent outfits: seven outfits for the waking hours (we’ll change in the car, so don’t mind us, Driver). For the rest of the week’s looks, we plan to do some Net-a-Porter same-day delivery. Sure, we’ll have spent a cool $5M by the end of the cycle, but it will be worth it for the simple joy of never having to wear the same thing twice. Click through our slideshow for fourteen great ensembles, each pegged to a seminal moment of each #NYFW day.

How to Spend $500K on One Day of Fashion Week