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A Pair of Insect-Inspired Earrings That Aren’t Creepy

Insects, with their multiple legs, waving antenna, and overall creepy, crawly ways are absolutely terrifying to me. I can’t even look at a butterfly without flinching, so it’s rare that I find myself wanting anything that features a bug on it. But then I came across Rachel Boston, a London-based jewelry designer who draws from nature for a collection filled with beautiful, abstract pieces. Rather than capturing the likeness of an entire creature, Boston hones in on an interesting detail like a scorpion’s stinger or the horn atop a rhinoceros beetle. These 18-karat-gold earrings were inspired by the mandibles you’d see on something terrifying like an ant or scarab, but are far from scary. Minimal and chic, they’re a refreshing alternative to all of the spikes and horns that seem to be forever trending among jewelry lines. 

Rachel Boston mandible earrings, $288.75 at

Insect-Inspired Earrings That Aren’t Creepy