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Keri Russell Misses Her Pals When She Travels

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/

In Austenland, Keri Russell plays Jane Hayes, a woman so obsessed with Jane Austen she decamps for a Regency-era-themed retreat set in the English countryside complete with ribboned bonnets, grand balls, and dashing Mr. Darcys. But how mushy is Russell, forever Felicity, forever the patron saint of massive crushes?

“I’m a little bit of a romantic,” Russell told the Cut last night at a Cinema Society screening of the film. “I read a lot so in that way I’m like the girl in the movie. But these days it’s like dinner with my girlfriends. You know I travel a lot for work, so I can be away sometimes for three months, so I really miss them. I miss my friends.”

And how did her carpenter husband sweep her off her feet? “He built me a house. That was pretty amazing. You kind of can’t ask for more than that.”

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Keri Russell Misses Her Pals When She Travels