Kim Kardashian’s ‘Big Reveal’ Is Shockingly Normal

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

TMZ scooped the Jenner-Kardashian media complex with the first postpartum photograph of Kim Kardashian. (No, neck-up selfies do not count.) It is shockingly, endearingly normal. (Also: a TMZ exclusive.) Kardashian is walking out of an L.A. medial center, Kanye West in tow, baby North ferried by an unidentified black woman, possibly in scrubs. She wears a chambray shirt, leggings, an actual sweater around her waist, and what might be a natural glow, or at least some very subtle makeup. For some reason, she and West are wearing matching, fringed moccasin boots. As far as blown “reveals” go, it’s kind of perfect. Not that she should let it stop her from jumping out of a cake in a bikini on her mother’s talk show once reaches her goal weight or whatever.

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Kim’s ‘Big Reveal’ Is Shockingly Normal