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Report: Marissa Mayer Wants to Go Into Business With Vogue

Photo: Getty Images

There’s mounting evidence that Marissa Mayer was, in fact, created by Anna Wintour in order to propagate Vogue’s coolly perfectionist worldview. Now that the Yahoo CEO has graced the magazine’s pages for a second time — as one of the Vogue-iest Vogue profile subjects in recent memory — Mayer wants to bring Vogue into the Yahoo fold. According to All Thing’s Digital’s Kara Swisher, Mayer is in the midst of a hands-on campaign to beef up Yahoo’s media offerings with marquee names, including an interview video series with Katie Couric. “In addition, Mayer — who is pretty mediagenic herself — has also recently met with execs from Conde Nast for very preliminary talks, and has expressed interest in cooking up some kind of content deal with its flagship Vogue magazine,” Swisher writes. Many magazines are hungry for that kind of partnership deal, but, historically, Condé Nast has been protective of Vogue’s editorial purity (relative to, say, Bon Appétit or Glamour) — like when Wintour (famously) passed on Project Runway. If the talks get serious, it’s a sign that Mayer’s vision for Yahoo News meets Wintour’s discriminating standards — and we already know Mayer does, personally.

Marissa Mayer Wants to Do Business With Vogue