Crisis: Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom Banned From Instagram?

The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away. One short week after we met Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom, the hippie-fabulous, clothing-optional earth mama has been locked out of Instagram. Baby Center blogger Sara McGinnis reports that Amy “tells me all of her photos are gone and her account has been locked with no explanation from the image-sharing site.”

McGinnis believes Amy’s @DaughterOfTheSun account fell into peril “after curious folks worldwide saw the ‘breastfeeding yoga mom’ photo” and objected, perhaps, to her sometimes nude splendor. (Though breast-feeding photos are allowed on Instagram, nudity is generally frowned upon.) Her fans have started a hashtag, #SaveDaughterOfTheSun, and they are uploading pictures of Amy, pictures of breast-feeding, and the above Photoshopped reinvention of her famous naked breast-feeding yoga picture.

I followed Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom on Instagram. Her account was a thing of glory, featuring dreamy photos of her beautiful family swimming in volcanic pools in Hawaii, sipping juice from mason jars in Joshua Tree Park, and wearing flowers while praying in temples. “I have very little patience for hippie parenting shenanigans,” Double X’s Jessica Grose wrote, “but I find Amy totally charming,” because she manages to fully embody an idealistic lifestyle without becoming sanctimonious.

Amy may be off Instagram, but she’s still got her blog. In her most recent post, Amy answers questions from fans and critics alike. She explains how her family supports itself (Etsy store and music career), how she gave birth (“beautiful home water birth”), and her child-rearing philosophies (“close to the earth and in tune with the Mother”).

The Cut has contacted both Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom and Instagram, and will provide an update as soon as we find out anything. In the meantime, embrace your inner flame and #SaveDaughterOfTheSun.

Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom Instagram Banned?