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New Bra Ads Promise More Comfort Than Bralessness

According to a press release from Warner’s bras, “The most commonly searched words associated with bras include: hate, throw, stop and bad.” Which all sound terrible! To what bras are these poor women subjecting themselves? (Perhaps with the exception of “throw,” which could allude to something fun involving a One Direction concert.) Anyway, Warner’s wants to make it clear that their bras are not of the “hate” variety, and have created a video and corresponding campaign to prove it: 

The #GetComfortable campaign video humorously shows women in situations where they are so unbelievably comfortable in their Warner’s® bras that they forget they have them on — be it in the bath or while breastfeeding!

The video, which was ginned up by Brooklyn-based Carrot Creative (which is, incidentally, run entirely by men), shows women engaging in various activities that would normally require full toplessness — lounging in the bath, getting a breast exam, dancing at a burlesque show — but still wearing their Warner’s bras because they feel like nothing at all. This sounds nice, but with the exception of the bath, are these really such comfortable situations to begin with? In any case, here’s to bras that help, not hinder, your everyday life.

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New Bra Ads Promise More Comfort Than No Bra