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A New Way to Smell All Grown-up

Photo: Courtesy photo

This fall, Estée Lauder is releasing a pretty scent named Modern Muse and its spokesperson is, uh, model Arizona Muse. Encased in a sleek glass-and-gold bottle that’s topped off with a navy bow — inspired by Mrs. Lauder’s first bow’d fragrance, Youth Dew, in 1953 — the juice is structured to be interpreted two different ways.

Some of you will take a whiff and pick up on the “sparkling jasmine accord,” which is an effervescent floral blend of honeysuckle, mandarin, jasmine, tuberose, and lily. Others will take a whiff and smell the deeper, more intense side of the fragrance: the “sleek woods accord.” This interpretation of the perfume includes notes of musk, amber wood, patchouli, and Madagascar vanilla. All of these notes, of course, are in the perfume itself, however; it’s your own nose that will determine which one of the “dual impressions” you’ll pick up on. Modern!

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A New Way to Smell All Grown-up