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A Nineties-Inspired Sheer Tee That Doesn’t Look Dated

When I think of the nineties, I remember being a teen rummaging through the dark basement of Antique Boutique on Broadway, trying to find the perfect pair of vintage jeans to wear with a slim-fit tee and choker necklaces. Now that the era is making a full comeback (see Rihanna, backpacks, the latest Saint Laurent collection), it only seems logical that the nostalgia-loving bunch at Opening Ceremony would offer a top that seems straight out of The Craft. After collaborating with Glamour on those cat sweatshirts that were everywhere last September, the two brands combined forces on a deep-red rose appliqué sheer tee. For the adventurous, it would look great worn with just a bra, revealing a generous sliver of skin. But if you’re like me and owned something eerily similar, it would be better suited over a close-fitting black turtleneck or a thin tank top. This time around, though, I think my choker will be less of the DIY velvet variety and more along the lines of a gold statement piece.

Glamour x Opening Ceremony sheer rose appliqué tee, $100 at Opening Ceremony

A Nineties-Inspired Sheer Tee That Isn’t Dated