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A Non-Prissy Skirt Inspired by a Kitchen Staple

I secretly wish I could dress more ladylike. The feminine full skirts that the likes of Anna Wintour and Viviana Volpicella wear so well look incredibly chic but make me feel like I’m playing dress-up in someone else’s clothes. I tend to gravitate toward shorter hemlines for everyday wear, but when I came across this Etienne Deroeux skirt, with its crumpled-aluminum-foil photo print, I thought, “Maybe this is the answer?” You could be bold and wear it with the matching jacket, though that would probably be better suited for street-style photos. Instead I’d keep it simple with a long-sleeved black tee and matching heels for a grown-up look that is age appropriate without being too stuffy.

Etienne Deroeux aluminum-print plisse skirt, $605 at Avenue 32.