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The Surprising Demographics of the One Direction Fan Base

Photo: Jo Hale/Getty Images

Given the passion of One Direction’s tampon-throwing, death-threat-sending fan base, it was hardly surprising to discover that tony British department store Harrod’s had an “extensive” waiting list for the boy band’s forthcoming scent, Our Moment. It’s in such high demand ahead of Friday’s launch that even professional British journalists were denied samples — the PR company only had four to send out, says Vogue UK.  But it seems it’s not just teenage girls who are eager to smell like pink grapefruit, musk, and the tears of 1 million preteens: The ages of those on the waiting list range from 16 to 68, and 20 percent of them are male. You might think that One Direction fans have some very thoughtful parents and adolescent boyfriends, but it turns out that no man, no woman, no teenage girl, nor sexagenarian can resist Harry Styles & Co. Right? Yeah, right.

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One Direction Perfume Has a Surprising Fan Base