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One Direction to Sing at Victoria’s Secret Show [Updated]

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The pretty group of British boys who’ve recently released a movie called This Is Us and concocted a soon-to-be-released grapefruit-scented love potion called Our Moment now have their sights set on mingling with angels. According to the Sun, the merry boy band is set to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which will take place in November. Last year, Justin Bieber sang and danced his little heart out. This year, five boys, whose rabid teen fans would say possess the voices of angels, will provide the soundtrack that fuels the power steps of the Victoria’s Secret runway. We hope they will all get to wear bedazzled feathered wings onstage.

Update: Victoria’s Secret has issued a statement: “The recent reports regarding One Direction appearing in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are untrue. The band is not performing in this year’s show. We will announce our artists in early October.”

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One Direction to Sing at Victoria’s Secret Show