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Penélope Cruz’s Porny Lingerie Ad Is Unexpectedly Funny

Who knew Penélope Cruz had a sense of humor about panting men and hot underwear? As promised, the short film she directed for her new Agent Provocateur label, L’Agent, contains many sexy models in garters and push-up bras, as well as her pregnant sister, Mónica, in a pink baby-doll ensemble. (Their mom, Encarna Sánchez, helped with the set, and younger brother Eduardo Cruz composed the music.) Also featured: lots of women lounging submissively on pillows, the beginnings of an orgy scene, and gratuitous shower dancing. But just when you get to the “Oh, come on” point and wonder why Penélope didn’t just go into the soft-porn industry, her husband Javier Bardem shows up — in a construction hat, no less — and renders the ad impossible to dislike.

(Be warned: the video, via the Telegraph, is technically SFW, but not necessarily something your boss should catch you watching.)

Penélope Cruz’s Porny Ad Is Unexpectedly Funny