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Please, Someone, Invest in the Cuddle Mattress

Photo: Cuddle Mattress

In case you missed it, the award-winning Cuddle Mattress prototype — with pillowy slats to envelop cuddlers’ quick-to-numb bottom arms and, yes, custom-fitted sheets — is looking for funding. Designer Mehdi Mojtabavi failed to meet his $75,000 IndieGoGo fund-raising goal, NPR reports, largely because people want to try the mattress out before putting up cash. Mojtabavi is now looking for alternative investors or a partnership, with a potential new market in people with shoulder injuries. Cut photo editor Konstantin notes the Cuddle Mattress would also be useful for hiding people. “Just turn sideways and they’d fall into the hole!” Whoever snaps up this investment will be a hero to lovers and former MLB pitchers and hide-and-go-seek players alike. 

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