Presenting: Alexander Wang and a No-Nonsense Sheep

Alexander Wang and sheep.
Alexander Wang and sheep. Photo: Annie Leibovitz for Woolmark

While this portrait, shot by Annie Leibovitz, is clearly meant to reflect Alexander Wang’s serious commitment to wool fabrics, let’s not get confused — the ram is clearly in charge here. Look at those horns! That solemn expression and confident stance! That powerful set of hooves! He’s like, “If you don’t get a flock of nice fluffy ewes up in this old alleyway soon, I am going to butt somebody straight into the gutter.” Wang, meanwhile, is just looking solemn and rather damp in his hoodie, his sleeves dangling uselessly by his sides. “Let’s hope this sheep doesn’t know about those black shearling teddy bears,” he’s thinking to himself.

Presenting: Alexander Wang and No-Nonsense Sheep