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A Roomy Tote That Easily Changes Into a Chic Clutch

Montreal-based WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie is a personal favorite for sleek, simple, and functional bags. While they’re considered a men’s line, the chic carryalls are equally lady-friendly. In beautiful unisex colors like camel, navy, and forest green, the collection is a quiet antidote to all of the designer bags that I normally gravitate toward. And when they partnered up with J.Crew this season on a women’s style, it was the perfect marriage of style and utility. With its top expanded, the bag becomes a roomy tote perfect for tossing my lunch into. Come evening, I can smush it down to form a clutch. The style was released a few days ago, sold out immediately, and now it’s finally back on the website. I must not be the only fan. If the image above doesn’t sell you, check out the mesmerizing GIF below. 

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie for J.Crew large two-way tote, $398 at J.Crew.

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A Roomy Tote That Changes Into a Chic Clutch