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A Sexy Bra for the Lingerie-Phobic

At best, lingerie is an afterthought to me. With a drawer full of basic black underpinnings, owning silky bits usually takes a back burner to all of my other shopping needs. Most “sexy” pieces tend to veer toward the skimpy side and I feel a bit foolish wearing them, as if I were playing dress-up in another person’s wardrobe. But certain dresses and tops with low arm holes deserve a prettier layer than a plain old bra peeking through, which is where this piece from Lonely comes in. Hitting just above the abs, the longer silhouette is a bit conservative, but as racy as its see-through bits of lace. A soft cup is a comfortable alternative to an underwire, which tends to dig in and is unnecessary on my small chest. The corset adds just enough structure to the sides, while the thick, wide straps that crisscross in the back mean I won’t be spending the night pushing any errant straps back into place. 

Lonely sabel green longline bra, $97 at Bonadrag.

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