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Stacy Keibler’s Post-Clooney Makeover: Discuss

Stacy Keibler.
Stacy Keibler. Photo: Line

Following her inevitable breakup with George Clooney, Stacy Keibler’s life could go one of two ways. She could drift back to her former life as a quasi-C-lister, beloved by FHM subscribers and those who watch her new show, Supermarket Superstar (we’d never heard of it, either). She’d still get the occasional fitness magazine spread and maybe a side gig repping diet supplements. Or she could go the opposite direction — dye her hair brown, hit the social circuit even harder, make some edgy fashion choices, and become famous in her own right. And from the looks of this new cover, for Line magazine, she might go for the latter.

Sure, this cover look may not have been Keibler’s choice so much as that of whoever styled it, but hopefully she’ll take some inspiration. Ditch the prom-y barrel curls, dye your hair brown, quit the spray-tanning, and wear some weird sheer kimono-style dresses instead of the same old red-carpet fare. Try a really dark lipstick. Break free, Stacy! This is your time. And considering you’re supposedly famous for a wrestling move called the “hair-pull snapmare,” a makeover shouldn’t be too much to muster.

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Stacy Keibler’s Post-Clooney Makeover: Discuss