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Stick a Feather in Your Hat

Coming from a corporate background where suits were the norm, my first fashion-related interview proved to be a challenge. Balancing the creative with the professional isn’t always a walk in the park, but I found salvation with a lone Ann Demeulemeester white blouse on a hanger at Barneys. With sleeves that folded at the elbow and two strings that tied at the back, the silhouette was just off-kilter enough to offset a trusted black pencil skirt I already owned. Years later, that top remains in heavy rotation in my closet, a reminder that good design is seasonless and ageless. Look at Patti Smith, at age 66, who wears the Demeulemeester designs as well (if not better) than the models on the runway. This fall, nestled among the stark separates and enviable combat boots in the collection were a series of oversize feather pins. Worn alone or in groups of two or three pierced through hats, they were eye-catching without being distracting. While you could emulate the look straight from the runway, it would be equally interesting when added to the lapel of a blazer or affixed to a clutch.

Ann Demeulemeester feather silver pin, $535 at Luisa via Roma