See the Stylish Cats of the Algonquin Cat Fashion Show

Photo: Amy Lombard

Cats and fashion go hand in hand. See: Choupette Lagerfeld, or Rachel Antonoff’s runway cat, Lyle the Bashful. So imagine our excitement over attending the Algonquin Copy Cats Round Table, a literary-themed cat fashion show at the famed Algonquin Hotel yesterday, where we met eight divas of the cat world, including cat, rat, and dog designer Ada Nieves. Though divas might be too strong a word, as one pet owner reassured us, “There’s no catty behavior here. That’s so rare in the entertainment and fashion industry, you know? We all just really love animals.”

So, are dresses inspired by Mark Twain, Beatrix Potter, and Edgar Allan Poe going to be big in the world of cat fashion next year? Click through our slideshow for shots of some of our favorite looks, both on the animals and their owners.

Stylish Cats of the Algonquin Cat Fashion Show