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Sydney Leathers’s Latest and Best Business Venture

Photo: Aaron St. Clair / Splash News

Anthony Weiner sext friend and campaign saboteur Sydney Leathers has inked a low six-figure endorsement deal with mobile sexting app IHookUp, TMZ reports. As part of her contract, Leathers must maintain an active profile on the site and interact with users.

IHookUp is the latest in the series of Leathers’s business ventures inspired very literally by the sexting scandal. Rather than leverage her sudden name recognition into an unrelated Oxygen network reality show or a TrimSpa contract, she’s embracing and capitalizing on the details of her notoriety. But having already checked off the porny photo shoot, the leather-modeling gig, the xoJane guide to sexting and, now, the sexting app, it’s not clear how much more work can be wrung out of this one episode. Politics podcast? A line of fetish footwear? Contouring makeup designed specifically for selfies?

Sydney Leathers’s Latest, Best Business Venture