This Beauty Editor’s Must-Have Products


Dear Cut Readers,

It is time to say good-bye. Today is my last day as the Cut’s beauty editor. Fourteen months have passed since my arrival and first post on how to prevent your nail polish from chipping. Since then, you’ve allowed me to broaden your beauty knowledge, from decoding French products to pointing out cosmetics that look like sex toys. You read about that time I switched skin-care routines with my fiancé, and seen me exercise my own makeup-artist skills backstage during New York Fashion Week. Together, we’ve discussed which celebrity features we secretly covet and the beauty sacrifices we continue to make (despite the pain and pinching). I’ve met truly inspiring people like Indie Lee and Thanos Samaras; introduced you to the world of shirtless male models and their deep thoughts on perfume; made GIF tutorials; and culled behind-the-scenes beauty shots found on social media. I’ve covered other non-beauty-related topics as well, like: hot guys laughing, the hot NHL player with serious Vine skills, and a couple of winning guys from this year’s Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens. The fact that all my non-beauty-related pieces were about attractive men is strictly coincidental.

Thank you for giving me this platform and for being supportive during my first go as an editor on the Internet.

It’s not often that a beauty editor has the opportunity to divulge all of their must-have, favorite, desert-island products, because it’s part of our job description to be as objective as possible. But since I’m saying farewell to the Cut, and switching my job up, I think it’s only right to give you my ultimate beauty loves, once and for all (feel free to click on the video below before you start). The slideshow includes products that I have either been using for years or have no intention of changing for the next several years. Yes, they’re expensive, and I can hear you all complaining already, but each and every one is worth it. They’re all the things I live by to keep my skin in shape (my utmost priority) and my makeup routine minimal (well, minimal-ish). These are all the things that will come with me to L.A., where I will start my next beauty adventure, this time at the forthcoming beauty e-commerce site, Violet Grey.

It’s been real, you guys.

Farewell for now,


This Beauty Editor’s Must-Have Products