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Fall Dressing: Try a Surreal Printed Scarf With a Whimsical Blazer

If you look inside your closet, chances are you own a printed blazer and a few printed scarves. The jacket is meant to be worn over a tee or a dress, while the scarf adds a finishing touch when tied to a handbag or wrapped around the neck. But have you ever thought of wearing them together? To try this quirky styling trick, draw inspiration from this image of fashion editor Leaf Greener. In a plain white tank and cropped pants to match, the foundation of the outfit is simple and nondescript. A Thom Browne whale-print blazer is a whimsical way to add color and interest to the look, but it’s the silky handkerchief wrapped around her hips that really brings it together. With its repeating motif of open mouths, the surrealist piece plays off the unusual jacket and stays true to Greener’s offbeat sense of style.

Wearing all white isn’t necessary when re-creating this look, but it’s important to keep the basics spare so they don’t compete with the louder, flashier pieces. Choose a scarf that has an artistic slant —  like a photo print or a trippy mirrored image — and make sure the colors are complimentary with the jacket. Should you feel too over-the-top, simply remove the scarf; this is one styling move you don’t need to commit to all day. Click ahead to see three pairings that will take your look off the beaten path.

Try a Surreal Scarf With a Whimsical Blazer