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Watch: Video of Alexander Wang’s Epic Free Shopping Spree

On July 13, you might remember, Alexander Wang invited New Yorkers to a “one-time-only undisclosed event.” We finally have a glimpse of what it looked like: According to the video above, the youthful designer appeared on a screen, looking ethereal and angelic, and told the fans who blindly congregated at the Highline Stages for his sake that pieces from the T by Alexander Wang collection would be available to them for free. Director Darren Stein, of the nineties classic Jawbreaker, was on the scene to document the stampede of Wang-o-philes determined to get their hands on all the bounty. Watch people run in slo-mo, mouths agape, with beautiful, heavenly music accompanying the footage. Even a full-on fight between two women over a rack of red blouses gets the blissful treatment. Enjoy. It’s better than most television.

Watch: Video of Wang’s Epic Free Shopping Spree