Which Body Scrub Ensures the Smoothest Skin?


Personally, I’ve always loved a body scrub. Maybe that’s because my Korean mom inflicted me with vigorous scrub-downs for most of my childhood. While it might have been painful and left me feeling a little raw, it also left my skin feeling super smooth and refreshed. You know how great it feels when you slip into a bed with freshly washed sheets? It’s like that, but with skin. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll plunk down the money to get a thorough scrub-down at a Korean spa in midtown, but most days I settle for creating my own at-home spa experience.

Usually, the goopy mix consists of some kind of slightly abrasive material (sugar, salt, ground oats) that cleanses the skin and a blend of oils that soothes, softens, and nourishes the skin. Scrubs not only help you get rid of dead skin cells, but also prevent ingrown hairs (which are caused by dead skin cells clogging up hair follicles) and help keep other skin issues, like acne or psoriasis, at bay.

As a religious user, I should have a favorite, but I usually just buy the first scrub to catch my eye at the drug store or Sephora. That’s no way to choose a product that is so essential to my skin-care routine, so I decided to test out ten different body scrubs to find the one scrub to rule them all. I tested to make sure they weren’t too oily (chances of tub slippage are great), whether I liked the scent, and to see if the texture felt like it was tearing into my skin. Click through the slideshow to see which one excelled in all these categories plus left my body touchably soft sans grease slick.

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Which Body Scrub Ensures the Smoothest Skin?