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You Can Now Get Style Advice From ‘Team Lohan’

Photo: Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic

Lindsay Lohan is making a pretty aggressive, and fairly successful, post-rehab comeback, including a tell-all with Oprah, aided by some sage advice from Ben Affleck. Naturally, in these 2013 times, the image overhaul includes a website launch that focuses on her reentering the spotlight — along with tons of style advice. (Hey, she did look good in that orange dress last night on OWN.)

On her new portal, you can learn how to incorporate trends like “summer blue” and “Hollywood glamor” by using look books of what Lohan wore during her past and recent public appearances, excluding her worst red-carpet moment ever. So far the site does not include any actual contributions from Lohan herself, just from the mysterious and omnipotent “Team Lohan” edit team, so we won’t be able to find evidence of psychological disorders here — or “addiction to chaos” — just tons of inspiration for what we should have worn from 2008 to 2010.

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You Can Now Get Style Advice From ‘Team Lohan’