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A Yummy Bracelet for the Last Days of Summer

Photo: N2

One of the best things about warm weather is that you need no excuse to indulge in that extra scoop of mint-chocolate-chip. But sadly, there are only a few weeks left when it’s okay to eat ice cream for dinner. While I’m the type to risk brain freeze in the winter, I can also look fondly on all of the yummy treats that mark a carefree summer with this N2 bracelet. With its clever and nostalgic mix of different frozen desserts — rocket pops, swirly soft serve, and scoops of sorbet — it’s a quirky piece to add to my normal mix of classic gold jewelry. I’m also a big fan of the whimsical French brand’s other pieces, like this Seven Dwarves necklace and Little Red Riding Hood earrings. Like all sweet things, they’re better in moderation.

N2 ice-cream charm bracelet, $87 at Ahalife.