16 New Sporty, Not Sweet, Embellished Items


Spangled and bejeweled attire is often associated with girlie holiday look books and “get the look” red-carpet dressing, which often leans toward overly sweet or looks costume-y. Yet what woman doesn’t love all things sparkly? Anything that shimmers is fun to gaze upon (see also: disco balls). And this season, embellishment is for all, as the offerings lean to the typically feminine but also toward a more sporty, tomboy style (just in time to get ahead of Prada’s bejeweled athletes for next spring). Think bedazzled bomber jackets and baseball caps, sparkling sweatshirts, and skater shoes with jewels. ASOS’s gold, glittering sneakers are an affordable way to embrace a more sporty sparkle, whereas Vera Wang’s go-for-broke pullover in a boxy silhouette is a gleaming organza stunner. And while you can downplay your shine when it comes to embellishment, you can always go bigger or blingier. Click ahead to see sixteen items in which to shine brightly this fall.