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Best Bet: Lavett & Chin Original Sea/Salt Texturizing Mist

Photo: Courtesy of J. Crew

Ever wonder how those J.Crew models get perfectly undone hair? That’s courtesy of this sea-salt spray created by Brent Lavett, the stylist responsible for the tousled manes on the website. Containing pure Maris salt, which is harvested from the only active sea-salt bed in North America, the product also includes Bulgarian rose and spirulina algae for softness, volume, and a subtle scent. Spray into damp or dry hair before twisting up into a bun if you prefer a more wavy look. And if you want that second-day piece-y effect, simply let it air dry.

Lavett & Chin Original Sea/Salt texturizing mist, $30 at J.Crew.

Best Bet: Lavett & Chin Texturizing Mist