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Carine Roitfeld Has Met Kim Kardashian’s Baby

Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

When asked about her magazine’s latest cover model, Kim Kardashian, Carine Roitfeld got gushy. “She was one of the easiest models I have ever worked with. Well, she’s not a model, but she was pregnant, you know, and I love pregnant women,” she declared at last night’s premiere party for Mademoiselle C., Fabien Constant’s new documentary film about her. “I met her through Kanye West, who is a friend of Riccardo [Tisci, the designer of Givenchy]. And we decided we would do a story about her. Immediately she said yes,” she explained. “Then we introduced her to Karl [Lagerfeld, who shot the spread]. It was introducing people together, and finally it works. It was a big laugh. Honestly, she was very very nice. But we didn’t even put her name on the cover. I’m sure some people did not recognize her, who she is. Maybe people are going to be surprised. It’s fun for me.”

And yes, Carine has seen Kim post-birth. “I see baby Nord, she’s quite lovely by the way,” she said. But back to her love of voluptuous women: “I love curvy women. Maybe because I’m not. I would love to be a Marilyn Monroe, but I’m very far away from that … So I love very curvy girls. I love young girls, too.” (She does indeed.)

As for Constant’s film, Roitfeld says it was a shock to see so much of herself. “This is very embarrassing … I didn’t know it would be so personal,” she said. “A lot of people, they see me with high heels and a skirt, like tonight. [In the movie,] they’re going to see me in jeans, and a bad pony tail. I’m a real person!” She hopes it makes fashion less intimidating, too. “People think we have very big egos, always coming in a limousine. And sometimes that’s the truth. But sometimes you’re just running in jeans and flat shoes, carrying luggage. It’s very physical, fashion.

Carine Roitfeld Has Met Kim Kardashian’s Baby