Emmys Red-Carpet Trends: Beige, and More Beige

Photo: Getty Images

The color beige brings to mind the scene from Sex and the City (bear with us) when Mr. Big complains to Carrie that his new wife loves beige. “Everything in my apartment is now beige. Beige is bullshit,” he moans. On the plus side, beige is the epitome of inoffensiveness; it’s neutral and goes with everything. But it’s also bland, the color of Band-Aids and boredom. And at the Emmy Awards last night, it was the trendiest dress color by miles.

Sure, all the beige wearers tried to make their dresses unique, and you can picture stylists saying, “See, this ruffle and/or neckline and/or bead detailing makes it really special!” But in the end, a parade of pale, pearly-colored dresses (also referred to as “nude” or “flesh”) is like vanilla ice cream with no toppings: perfectly nice, but nothing to write home about.

There were exceptions, though, even if they were predictable: Several actresses wore plunging scarlet gowns, including perennial bombshell Sofia Vergara. Others, including Tina Fey and Anna Chlumsky, stuck to the well-worn path of jewel-toned fishtail dresses, which are usually flattering if not entirely memorable. And there were notable outliers, including Lena Dunham in floral Prada and Kiernan Shipka in fresh, embellished Delpozo. 

We’re still a ways away from awards season, so consider this an amuse-bouche for hopefully more exciting red-carpet looks to come. Click through our slideshow to see the top ten trends from last night.

Emmys Red-Carpet Trends: Beige, and More Beige