Eva Chen’s Fashion Week Style Diary, Day 8

Eva Chen. Photo: Bek Andersen

It’s the last day of Fashion Week, and therefore the final installment of Eva Chen’s style diary. But rather than fading off quietly, she’s going out with a bang — in the form of spiky, gleaming, gold Fendi heels, as one does. “It’s a big day, with Ralph [Lauren], and Calvin [Klein], and Marc Jacobs, of course, and I feel like there are eighteen parties tonight, so hopefully these shoes will last all day,” she said. Read on for a detailed breakdown of her outfit.

Shirt: Derek Lam. “I’m really glad it’s a little bit cooler today, because the shirt has like eight layers to it. It’s actually the first thing I’ve ever owned from Derek Lam, so I really love it. I saw someone else wearing it a few days ago at the tents, and I was like, ‘Oh, I really have to dig out that T-shirt.’”

Skirt: Whistles. “Like I said, I love this brand. They always do the best leather. One of my other favorite things is a pair of leather overalls from Whistles. This skirt is new, and it has a nice slit in the front, which obviously I’m obsessed with.”

Shoes: Fendi. “There’s a lot going on with the shoes. They’re a bit of a celebration of the last day of New York Fashion Week. I’ve brought out the sparkles, and the studs, and the shine, and the everything. They’re party shoes, for sure.”

Bag and Sunglasses: Valentino.

Eva Chen’s Fashion Week Style Diary, Day 8