Fashion Party Pics: Rihanna, Minaj Come Out for Wang

Partayyy. Photo: BFA

The first weekend of Fashion Month has come and gone, but we’ve got many party photos to remember it by (or not, given the amount of Champagne ingested). Alexander Wang’s Harajuku-themed after-party was the major highlight of Saturday night, but somebody — ahem — supposedly had an exclusive on the pictures, so documentation was scarce. (Or maybe everyone was just too hungover to post them, who knows.) Eventually, several images trickled out late yesterday, so you can see guests like Rihanna (with her new mullet!), Joan Smalls (in a crop top), and Brad Goreski wearing … a black Givenchy T-shirt. No really, he was borderline unrecognizable.

But this being Fashion Week, there were yet more cocktails to be had last night, at DVF’s after-party and MAC Cosmetics’ celebration of their new Antonio collection, co-hosted by modeling’s grandes dames Marisa Berensen and Pat Cleveland. Happy Monday, all, and hang in there — we’ve got four more nights of parties before London.

Party Pics: Rihanna, Minaj Come Out for Wang