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Fug Girls: Going Gaga for Britney at Nicole Miller

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

It’s not every day at Fashion Week that you get to name-drop Britney Spears — unless, we suppose, you’re saying something like, “I wish Britney Spears would wear that, instead of whatever she’s probably wearing right now” — but she came up organically while we were chatting up Bella Thorne in the front row of Nicole Miller on Friday evening.

Thorne mentioned to us that she’s finding Fashion Week inspirational — “It’s like homework for me” — because she hopes to be a designer herself one day. “I think it’s really awkward for girls aged, like, fourteen to seventeen, because you’re not a woman and also you’re not a little girl anymore, and I’d really like to capture that.” We of course noted that this was the same conundrum explored in the seminal Spears tune “Not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”  15-year old Thorne – who was five when said tune was released, in case you don’t feel old enough yet — just gave us a blank look and then laughed weakly. It was awkward. Listen, kid, if the sound bite about your clothing line includes the clauses “not a girl” and “not a woman,” get ready for the Olds to make Britney Spears jokes at you left and right. It’s Pavlovian.

Also filling out the front row was singer Colbie Caillat, whose skin is poreless and perfect in person; Revenge’s Margarita Levieva, who we suppose isn’t actually of Revenge anymore given that she died in that boat explosion, but who, in real life, looked fabulous in a maxi-dress; The Carrie Diaries’ Chloe Bridges, who spent basically the entire pre-show scrum talking to someone on her cell phone; Carol Alt, who was sitting apart from the rest of the celebs and whom we spied snapping a selfie before the show started; The Brant brothers (one of whom was sporting a gold-sequined blazer) cheek by jowl with Tinsley Mortimer in what we can only think of as the Socialites Past And Present section; and, finally, coming in last, a very slender, leather-clad Katie Cassidy, who looked sort of tired. Girl, you have to keep your energy up. All those abs on Arrow cannot admire themselves.

Fug Girls: All About Britney at Nicole Miller