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GIF Bag: Go Inside Thom Browne’s Insane Asylum

Photo: Clint Spaulding

Yesterday’s Thom Browne show was basically made for the GIFing. The set, with flickering lights and padded walls, was built like an insane asylum; the models were chosen for their ability to contort their faces into craziness; their hair was piled high into a white bird’s nest, and their lipstick smushed to Heath Ledger–as–Joker proportions. It was dramatic, to say the least, but thrilling to watch. Take a visual walk-through below, with a special treat at the end — Courtney Love performing with her friend Scott Lipps at the Dream Hotel last night. She pulls a freaking cigarette out of her hair. But first, see Thom Browne’s models get their hair teased to epic heights backstage.

Here, a closer look at the final beauty look:

The models lining up backstage (for a while, as the show was quite delayed). Shh.

When the show started, first came the nurses of the insane asylum.

And then a solid half hour of twirling crazy girls.

Smudged makeup and all.

Then we’ve got an entirely different kind of (good) crazy. Here’s Courtney Love, y’all.

And scene.