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Gisele Makes Her Musical Debut in H&M Campaign

Gisele has some diva-size shoes to fill as the next spokeswoman for an H&M campaign following Mrs. Carter’s. For the store’s latest blitz, the model, perhaps inspired by Beyoncé’s beachy music video for H&M, is showing off her pipes on a cover of the Kinks’ “All Day and All Night.” She went less “Imma Diva” for her musical debut and opted for a grungy-feeling rock video that befits the vibe of her H&M line. Fans of the cover can download the song on iTunes to benefit UNICEF after the campaign breaks on September 12. Based on this teaser video, we’re not really sure she has any vocal prowess, as she’s kind of sing-speaking. But she’s totally nailing the face-scrunching, emphatic-finger-pointing-to-lyrics, headphone-holding thing. So at least she looks like she can really sang.

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