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Guess Why Karlie Kloss Sneaks Home Between Shows

Photo: Alessandro Lucioni/Imaxtree

To match the pretty mannequin vibe at Prabal Gurung today, the hair inspiration was “preserved glamour,” an edgy-meets-elegant take on gorgeous helmet hair. To get the ultra-sleek, lacquered-like-latex appearance, Paul Hanlon used an incredible amount of products: heat protectant, straightening emulsion, hairspray, and a generous douse of OSis magic shine serum — basically turning the hair into a very chic oil slick. We stopped Karlie Kloss backstage to ask how she intended to get all of that goop out of her famous chop before she headed to the next show. “After a show like this, I always make time to sneak home and take a hot shower because there’s no product around that’s going to get out this much hairspray. You just have to start fresh. Luckily, I live nearby.” Lucky. We haven’t seen the insides of our apartments since Wednesday.

Guess Why Karlie Sneaks Home Between Shows