Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gross Brother-in-Law Hopes She Doesn’t Bring Pubic Hair Back

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow said her side-butt-revealing Iron Man 3 premiere dress was nearly ruined by her “seventies vibe” pubic hair? We were pretty much ready to give her a medal for that. But her brother-in-law Al, the architect brother of Chris Martin who did the couple’s London townhouse renovation, was worried her remarks would resonate with women who aren’t married to his brother. “I knew it had permeated when my brother-in-law said to me like, ‘I hope you’re not going to bring back big bush,’” Paltrow told Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. “I was like, ‘Thanks, Al. Thanks for your support.’” Gross, Al. But also, don’t worry. She couldn’t make almonds soaked in water happen, either.

Gwyneth Paltrow Has a Gross Brother-in-Law