Louis Vuitton Perfectly Engineers ‘It’ Bag Frenzy

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Call us philistines, but we already considered Louis Vuitton an “exclusive brand.” But, lo, LVMH has been underperforming quite a bit this year because the brand had become too “ubiquitous,” reports Reuters. No longer! To regain some of that “you can’t have me” sparkle, Louis Vuitton released the Capucine bag (made from the same coveted leather of a special Swiss cow that Hermes uses for the Birkin bag, no less). It costs $4,600, a price tag that guarantees rescue from ubiquity and deliverance into exclusivity.

The brand built “It” bag frenzy like a pro: First, they cast Michelle Williams in a buzzworthily gorgeous ad campaign, then Angelina Jolie was snapped toting the bag around town. Then everyone from Hollywood starlets to Real Housewives wanted it. But of course, Vuitton only released the already sold-out bag in small batches, creating a months-long waiting list. (Nobody gets the bag until October, no matter how rich they are.) Congratulations Louis Vuitton, you’ve done it. Again?

Louis Vuitton Engineers ‘It’ Bag Frenzy