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Male Gaze: Watch the Epic Lip-Synch Battle From Fallon

There are no words that can give proper justice to the lip-synch battle that went down on Fallon last night. The last time the showdown occurred on the show, we wanted to snuggle in a “king-size bed” with John Krasinski. This time around, we had three men in front of us, all passionately wriggling their bodies around onstage, and we just didn’t even know what to do with ourselves — except to keep hitting replay. If you want to smile today, watch Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Fallon, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt be collectively beautiful onstage. There’s a man for every mood — whether you’re feeling Merchant’s expert, noodlelike movements to “Single Ladies” or Fallon’s passion for eighties tunes. If you’re a JGL fan, your heart will explode. Now, if you need to feed your brain with more scenes of Stephen Merchant flailing around like a pro, watch this video and pick up some new moves.

Male Gaze: Watch the Fallon Lip-Synch Battle