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Michael Kors’s Rap Shout-outs Are Too Dirty for His Shows

Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Like Tom Ford and Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors has gotten his fair share of rap shout-outs from the likes of Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. “I guess after 32 years, I’ve become part of pop culture!” Kors told the Cut at a luncheon in honor of his FIT Couture Council Award yesterday. However, his achievement has a downside. “All of my rap lyric songs are really dirty!” he said. “It’s fun, but then I think, well, I can never really use most of these songs in our shows because we might get raided by the language police and we might have lots of bleeps.” So, it’s safe to rule out Big Sean’s “Dance (Ass) (Remix)” from his show soundtrack, then.

Michael Kors’s Rap Shout-outs Too Dirty for Him