Photos: Well-Rested at Fashion-Week-Eve Parties

Photo: BFA

Fashion, in its ongoing love affair with the music industry, chose New York Fashion Week eve as the official night to bop to music before being annoyed by things like crowds, and amps, and late performance times. Kendrick Lamar performed at Milk Studios; Robin Thicke had some sort of album release party that feels oddly timed, since his album dropped months ago (but, hey, attention). And Theophilus London is collaborating with Surface to Air (because, hey, clothing). Click ahead to see the social set at night and during the day (at lunch to celebrate Michael Kors) looking entirely too well rested and happy and smiling and not at all over it. Oh, and Hilary Swank is wearing a teal leopard-print dress, which is surprising but doesn’t look bad. Promise. Welcome to party week, all, and enjoy the ride. It’s all downhill from here — but at least the pictures will chronicle our collective demise.