Sandwich Guy Says He’d Marry Her Without Sandwiches, Too

Stephanie “300 Sandwiches” Smith went on the Today show to explain her quest to earn a proposal from boyfriend Eric “Make Me a Sandwich” Schulte by making him hundreds of sandwiches. “It’s light, it’s funny, come on! It’s a sandwich,” Stephanie says when asked whether she’s “setting feminism back.” Then Eric trots out and announces, “I would marry her without one sandwich,” at which point Stephanie flies into a rage and overturns the table while screaming, “Then what the fuck was I doing, slaving away over all those goddamn pullman loaves, all these goddamn days?!

Just kidding, she smiled serenely while everyone said, “Awww.” This is not a marriage of sandwich convenience. “It’s fun! It’s great,” Matt Lauer says.

Sandwich Guy: I’d Marry Her Without Sandwiches