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Watch: Comedian Sara Schaefer Talks to the ‘Street Style’ Crowds Outside of Fashion Week

The scene outside Lincoln Center resembles Burning Man by way of Saks Fifth Avenue. A steady stream of crazy outfits and fashionable folk (and hangers-on) mingle in the plaza as editors and stars rush around to shows. Some of the fancy outfits are bought, some borrowed, but all are maximized to make people guess, “Who are you wearing?” Then comes the less politic follow-up, “How much did you spend on that?” Sometimes the answers are obvious, as in the case of a furry Fendi clutch. Others proudly proclaim their DIY status. Watch the video ahead for part one of a three-part series in which the Cut sent comedian Sara Schaefer — who has quite openly talked about her own relationship to debt and fashion — to grill the throngs.

Sara Schaefer Talks Street Style at Fashion Week