See the Editorials From Top Parsons MFA Students

Photo: Monica Feudi

Though the Fashion Week storm that showered us with fresh silhouettes, new shades of green, and culottes has just passed, we’re already on the outlook for more brilliant designers to make their mark on the world (maybe even in time for the next Fashion Week). The second class of MFA students who studied Fashion Design and Society had a show earlier this week, and the Cut has exclusive photos of editorials from three of the class’s top students: Melitta Baumeister, Daisy Jia Hua, and Alison Tsai. Click through the slideshow to get inspired by Hua’s otherworldly neon outfits, Baumeister’s all-white structured coats, and Tsai’s intricate (and hairy) knitwear that you’ll want to hibernate in all winter. Make a mental note of these names! They’re offering a glimpse into the future of fashion.