dick in a box?

U.K. ‘Sex Box’ Makes 40 Days of Dating Look Discreet

Next month, the U.K.’s Channel 4 will premiere a new hour-long program that features nonsimulated sex, the Independent reports. The sex will take place in an “opaque,” “sound-proof” box, and be immediately followed by a Q&A with U.K. TV personality Mariella Frostrup in front of a live studio audience. It’s kind of like the Vice feature “People Who Just Had Sex” meets Project Runway. The sessions will be analyzed by a panel of sexperts, including Dan Savage. There is no prize; however, Sex Box is part of the network’s Campaign for Real Sex, which is designed to look at the effect of pornography on sex. One effect, apparently, is an eagerness to dissect one’s romantic life in front of the largest audience possible.

‘Sex Box’ Makes 40 Days of Dating Look Discreet